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Our Policies

Appointments and clinical hours

All visits must be scheduled in advance, without exception. We do not offer walk in services.

Only the Ontario Health Card is accepted at the clinic and must be presented at every appointment. Patients unable to present a valid health card are not elligible to receive health services from the Family Health Team.

Both clinics are open Monday through Friday between 8:30-4:30 pm. Appointments are required.

We offer afterhour coverage for emergency matters between 5:00-8:00 pm, Monday through Friday, with a scheduled appointement, in one of our 2 clinics. Please see the Contact Us section to find out which clinic is open for your evening appointment.

In order to allow sufficient time and to assign the right health care professional to adress your needs, it is important to inform the medical secretaries of the exact nature of your problem. 

All Family Health Team patients can receive health care from a family physician, a nurse practitioner or registered nurse. If your family physician is  unavailable or if your problem does not require a physician intervention, an encounter with the nurse practitioner or the registered nurse will be offered. On referral, patients have also access to other health care professionnals such as social worker, psychologist, pharmacist, dietiican and the diabetes educational team. 

Please arrive 15 minutes prior the scheduled time of your appointment. This time is essential to collect important information (updating contact information, questionnaires and pre assessment forms required by the Doctor, vital signs monitoring,paiement if applicable), therefore, optimizing time spend with the health care provider. 

Here is a non-exclusive list of the services for which you can see your physician/nurse pratitioner:

  • Regular or follow-up visit
  • Emergency appointments (given within a 24-48 hour periode)
  • Infant exam
  • Annual exam (frequency required for your condition is to be discuss with your physician)
  • Counselling
  • Minor surgical procedure or IUD insertion
  • Prenatal follow-up
  • Follow-up of complex disease such as diabetes or heart disease.

Missed appointment and late arrivals

For every late arrival of more than 10 minutes or missed appointment, we reserve the right to apply one of the following measures :

  • Move your appointment to later in the day ;
  • Move your appointment to another day ; 
  • Or ask you to contact the receptionist to reschedule your appointment at a later date.
The measure taken in effect will be determined based on your health professional’s schedule and yours, as well as on the justification you have given us.

You are required to provide us with at least 24 hours notice to cancel or change an appointment. Failure to do so will result in the following measures:
  • a written notice in your medical record ; and
  • a $20 fee charged per missed or late appointment that must be paid before scheduling your next visit ;
  • after three missed appointments or three delays, a patient’s registration with our clinic can be terminated without appeal nor additional notification.

Prescription renewals

You are responsible for ensuring the renewal of your prescriptions, either by making an appointment at the clinic or by contacting your pharmacy.
Your pharmacist will fax us a medication renewal request that will be return once your doctor has reorder your treatment.

A minimum of 72 business hours is required for any renewal request; however, it is possible that a longer delay is required when your health professional is not available.If the last renewal was done more than 6 months ago, your provider may refused to renew it or renew only a small quantity. Consequently, an appointment for the reevaluation of your health condition will be planned.This measure is designed to ensure effective and safe monitoring of your medication.

If narcotics is part of your treatment plan, a signed contract with your family physician is required and must be respected. If this contract is not respected, we reserve the right to stop prescribing narcotics and your status as a patient to the Family Health Team will be reassessed. In the absence of your doctor, it is up to the surrogate doctor to decide whether or not to renew your prescription.


After-hour services and during statutory holidays

As a patient of our Family Health Team, you accept to receive your primary health care at our clinic. Before consulting any other clinic or emergency rooms, please call us in order to book an emergency appointment, except if your condition requires immediate assistance or if your are out of town. 

To get help after business hours, call TELEHEATH ONTARIO at 1-866-797-0000. This is a free service, confidential and available 24/7. A nurse will provide you with advice and recommandations on your health issue.

Non-insured services and procedures

You will be billed for some services and procedures that are not covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan. A list of the non insured services and corresponding fees may be found here.

Scent-free workplace

The EOFCHT is a scent-free workplace. The use of scented products is prohibited at all times as they may cause undesirable physical effects that threaten the health and safety of our employees and our patients. We seek the cooperation of all to address our employee(s) health issues and help minimize unnecessary health and safety risks.

Scented products can affect a person's health and the following symptoms may occur:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness / Vertigo
  • Nausea 
  • Weakness / Fatigue
  • Confusion / Insomnia
  • Loss of appetite / Difficulty concentrating
  • Anxiety / Depression
  • Airway Problems / Shortness of breath
People with allergies / asthma and those with other médical conditions indicate that some odors, even very low, can trigger a seizure. The severity of these symptoms may vary. Some people report mild irritation while others become unfit and have to give up many "normal" activities in order to be exposed. 

Employees are required to adhere to this policy not to use scented products. Visitors and employees will be informed of this policy through signs posted in both clinics. Your collaboration is appreciated to this matter.

Violence free workplace

All of our FHT's employee must be respectful towards our clientele. In return, no aggressive behavior will be tolerated by any of our patients. Any unacceptable behavior may lead to a warning (verbal / written), the postponement of an appointment or even the cancellation of your registration as a patient of the clinic.


If you need forms completed by your physician, you can submit your them via our secure portal Health Myself; drop them off in person, send them by mail or by fax. Please allow 4-6 weeks for completion.This is not considered an emergency, therefore evening emergency appointments will not be accepted for this type of request. Additionnal fees may be requested at the discretion of the health care provider.

Chart transfer

In order for us to proceed with your chart transfer request,we will need to receive the following form intitled: signed autorization to disclose confidential information along with the $30 administration fee. The information will then be transfered on an encrypted cd and sent by secured mail.

The signed authorization can be faxed at 613-590-7351 or 613-745-5670.

According to the Protection of privacy Act, your medical chart must be retained with us for a minimal period of 10 years.

Test results

During your appointment, you and your health care provider will agree on the preferred mode of communication to inform you about test results once received. The staff is not authorized to communicate results that were not previously reviewed by either your family physician or the nurse practitioner.

For any questions or concerns about your test results, you are welcome to book an appointment with your physician for further discussion.

Confidentiality and privacy protection

We are commited to protecting your personal confidential information. A signed consent to disclose any personal health information to external partners is required at all time.Our internal politics are aligned with the Protection of personal health information (Freedom of information and Protection of privacy act, 1990)

Providing feedback

Communication is key to maintaining harmonious relationships. Any comments or suggestions are always welcome and are essential to improve your experience at the EOCFHT. For this purpose, we encourage you to share your comments through your doctor or other staff. You are also invited to complete the annual Patient Experience Satisfaction Survey available during the fall - winter season.

For any formal complaint, submit this in writing to the attention of the Executive Director of EOCFHT. A follow-up will be done within 7 days of the reception of the complaint.