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Mandatory mask wearing

Mandatory mask wearing

In order to ensure the protection of our patients well as that of the caregiver, we require, in addition to hand washing and respect for social distancing, the wearing of a non-medical mask by all patients authorized to present themselves at the clinic.
For those who already have a mask at home, we encourage you to wear your mask as soon as you arrive at the clinic.

For additional information about non-medical masks:

  • Why wear a mask?
  • How to put it on properly and remove it safely?
  • Where can I get one in Ottawa?
And much more, visit the Ottawa Public Health website: 
* We're also accepting donations of non-medical masks made by anyone in our community. We would distribute them to our patients in clinic for everyday use as an additional form of personal protection against Covid-19.*

If you know anyone that would be interested in helping our community please spread the word.  For any more information in regards to this, please contact Régis Girard at   or by calling 613-590-0533 extension 205.