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New operating mode during the Covid-19 pandemic period

New operating mode during the Covid-19 pandemic period

During the Covid-19 period, several changes have been made to keep everyone safe.
Here are some frequently asked questions:

Is the clinic open for appointments?

  • Yes we are still open. All the appointments are offered by phone or videoconference. You are not allowed to come to the clinic without the prior permission of the doctor or nurse practitioner. If deemed necessary, a clinical assessment may be requested by the practitioner following the telephone consultation. If you are authorized to come to the clinic, please come unaccompanied. When you arrive, we will indicate the room in which to present you to be seen by your MD or IP.
How can I be in contact with my MD or NP, if most of the staff is working remotely and the opening hours have decreased?
  • We strongly suggest that all our patients communicate with their MD / NP online via the Health Myself Portal, as they will be only one secretary in clinic to answer all calls.
I have a scheduled telephone appointment with my MD or IP, is there any preparation required on my end for this?
  • During this time our health professionals are working remotely and they will call you from a private number. If they are going to contact you directly on your cell, we suggest that you make a change in your settings; to avoid a delay or a communication problem in regards your appointment.
  •  We also ask that you make yourself available 15 minutes before and after prior to your appointment as they may be delays.
I need to drop off forms at the clinic, is there a new process during the pandemic?
  • With the update of the Health Myself portal, you now can directly attached documents and / or a photo with your message which will be addressed to your healthcare professional.

What should I do if I need to refill my prescriptions?

  • Contact your pharmacy and ask them to send us a request by fax at 613-590-7351 or 613-745-9520. Please note that there is a delay of 48hrs from the date received.
I don't have a Health Myself account, how can I register?
  • Send us an email to or call the clinic at 613-590-0533 and an invitation will be sent to you.
I received my invitation by email, but it requires a special code to activate my account?
  • Yes, it is the first four numbers on your health card; this is used to secure the link from your account to your medical record.