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Letter to Dr. Shoppoff's patients

June 3rd, 2022
Dear Patient,

I am writing to advise you that I will no longer be providing care at the Eastern Ottawa Community Family Health Team (EOCFHT) as of September 2nd, 2022.

It has been a privilege to be your family physician during the last eight years.  I appreciate the opportunity to have gotten to know you and learn from our encounters.

I am planning on relocating to a different practice but will be unable to keep all my current patients.  Unfortunately, the other physicians at the EOCFHT have full practices and they will therefore be unable to accept new patients at this time.
If you do not wish to follow me to my location, you may call the EOCFHT clinic at  (613) 590-0533 extension 202 and leave a message for your name to be put on a list of patients choosing not to follow me to my new practice.  Only my current patients can be added to this list and having your name on this list in no way guarantees that you will eventually be registered once again with a family doctor at the EOCFHT.

If the number of patients wanting to follow me to my new location exceeds the number of spots available, those that can remain with me will be randomly selected.  Please note that we will communicate with the patients who will be able to follow me by July 22nd, 2022. 
If you elect to find a new family physician, here are a few resources:

1.   For assistance to find another family physician, you can contact Health Care Connect at 1-800-445-1822, to register, or

2.   A list of Community Health Centres in Ontario is available on the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care website. Ottawa/Orleans is located in the Champlain region :
Medical Care

Primary care is an essential part of a healthy life in my opinion.  If you choose to find a new physician, please do so as soon as possible. 
I will try my best to offer care during the next 3 months.  I will have limited appointments available.   The priorities for these appointments will be:
1.   Ensuring you have enough prescription medications until September 2nd, 2022, after that, you will need to obtain prescription renewals from another provider if you are not remaining my patient.
2.   Following up on outstanding tests.
3.   Following up on chronic medical problems.
I can only follow-up on urgent investigations and consultations until the date of closure.  Please advise your specialists that I will no longer be your family doctor. Pharmacies can fax a request to (613) 590-7351 for medication renewals until the date of closure of September 2nd 2022.
Medical Records

If you are remaining my patient, your chart will be transferred.  If you choose to find another physician, you can request for your chart to be transferred.  The EOCFHT will keep the charts in the meantime.
Once again, thank you for the trust you’ve placed in me over the last years.  Wishing you good health in the future!
Best Regards,
Lina Shoppoff, MD