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March is Nutrition month

March is Nutrition month

Through this blog, the dietitians at EOCFHT present 8 key messages about the 2022 Nutrition Month theme and their role in communities. 

  1. Dietitians value creating a healthier tomorrow alongside their patients, clients, and communities. 
  2. Dietitians help you make food decisions that are right for you by communicating trustworthy nutrition information, building confidence in your food skills, and working on the influences that impact your food decisions.
  3. Reducing food waste, buying local, eating more plant-based…these are just some of the ways to eat more sustainably. Dietitians can help you make food decisions that are right for you and your family. Find a dietitian at
  4. Choosing less processed foods can help you eat more sustainably. Dietitians can help! Try these Baked Eggplant Sticks as a snack, appetizer or side dish. Available at: #NutritionMonth #YourFutureIsHealthy  
  5. Dietitian tip: when trying to eat more plant-based proteins, start by swapping the meat in some of your usual meals for beans, lentils or tofu – like in these Lentil Sloppy Joes – available at: #NutritionMonth #YourFutureIsHealthy  
  6. Dietitians are continuously learning to look beyond diets and meal plans to work with individuals, groups and communities to address the challenges they face in living a healthier tomorrow. Find out where dietitians work and what they do by clicking here
  7. Dietitians understand the science of nutrition and the unique needs of each person based on their health, goals, culture and food traditions. Read more about what to expect when you see a dietitian: follow this link.
  8. Through one-on-one counselling, to working with groups and institutions, conducting research and developing policy - dietitians are making a difference in the future health of Canadians. Learn more:

Happy Nutrition Month,

From your dieticians: Benette, Isabel and Alexandra.