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Ocean by Cognisant MD

What is Ocean?

Ocean is software used in the healthcare system that allows the EOCFHT to interact with patients in a secure manner. Whether it is for completing a questionnaire related to your health in the waiting room or by receiving an electronic message from your doctor, the information is sent directly to your electronic medical record.

Why did I receive an email from Ocean?

A team member wishes to communicate with you; we will first need to obtain your email address and your consent to do so. If you consented, you may receive a message from Ocean cognisant Md from your health care professional for the following reasons:

• To share the results of your last exams or other information related to your health.
• To ask you to complete questionnaires before or after your visit.
• Or to inform you about a referral to a specialist.

Why does it ask my date of birth?

By confirming your date of birth, it securely verifies your identification and is a way to limit the risk that the information will be directed to a third party or intercepted maliciously.

This is a way to ensure that a message is delivered to you securely.

Once this information is verified, you can then access the secure message from your health care professional.

How do I let the Team know that I’ve seen the message?

At the bottom of the page containing your sent secure message, a check box indicating that you have received this message is available.

* It is important to add a check mark in this space to confirm receipt of the message as this notifies the professional.*