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COVID-19 - Resources For Your Basic Needs and Mental Health

COPING WITH COVID-19: Resources in the Community to Help You Meet Your Basic Needs

List of safe options to obtain food or other essentials. Click 
here or visit this site.

For area Home Support Agencies and their ability to help seniors and persons with disabilities affected by current physical distancing measures, click here

Free legal aid is being offered now to persons affected by the pandemic. Check out this site. 

Decision-making aid regarding seniors in care by Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. 

Seniors who would like to become more proficient with technology can obtain free instruction from
Connected Canadians. 

For isolated seniors: A Friendly Voice

Volunteer dog walkers for frontline staff and persons with health issues - Zoomies

COPING WITH COVID-19: Women Victims of Violence

For Women Victims of Abuse

Unsafe at Home Ottawa is offering help by text and chat.
Text: 613-704-5535


COPING WITH COVID-19: Free Counseling or Support by Phone or Web

Counseling Connect - same day or next day teletherapy

Online Substance Abuse Help: 
Breaking Free Online

Find multiple resources here for UofO and students from other postsecondary institutions

For Employees Receiving Extended Health Benefits from Sunlife: Free virtual and home support services

For Front-Line Healthcare Workers: Free psychological help
COVID Frontline Wellness - offered by The Royal

Peer to Peer Mental Health Support 
Together All (for Ontario residents)

COPING WITH COVID-19: Resources for Children, Youth and Parents

An illustrated book to help children understand COVID-19

The Story of The Oyster and The Butterfly: The Corona Virus and Me - Ana M. Gomez

COVID with Kids - A Toolkit for Coping with Kids at Home during the COVID-19 Pandemic

CHEO and PLEO - Pandemic Parenting Playbook

COPING WITH COVID-19: Cellphone Apps


 (5 minute animation)

Daily videos on COVID-related anxiety by Dr. Jud Brewer here

COPING WITH COVID-19: Fact Sheets, Articles, Workbooks and Webpages


Canadian Mental Health Association
 (CMHA) - Ontario

Living Health Champlain - Living Healthy Webinars

CHEO and PLEO - Pandemic Parenting Playbook

Stress Management 
(available until June 15th) - offered by Shoppers Drug Mart and SilverCloudHealth

Free webinars on various topics (nutrition, mental health, etc.) - offered by Hamilton Family Health Team

COPING WITH COVID-19: Digitally Delivered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Bounce Back Ontario

Bounce Back is a free service provided to Ontario residents. Interested persons have the option to work through modules with a coach or use the self-directed videos. You can access the videos directly here. For the coaching, your physican/nurse practitioner needs to send a referral.

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