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Welcome to our Mental Health Program

Welcome to our Mental Health Program!

We are so happy that you have found your way to the webpage for our Mental Health Program. Welcome!

Here, you'll find lots of useful information...

For Urgent CounselingWhether you've been directed to our program or not, please know that there are services in Ottawa allowing one to get mental health help quickly. Check out this section to learn about these options. 

What We Can Offer to Support Your Mental Health: Here's a snapshot of all the different services that our team has to offer to our patients. 

Some of the Issues We Can Address: To find out if we can be of help to you, check out this section. 

Our Psychoeducational Groups: For years, we've been offering our patients groups on various topics like mindfulness, stress management and restorative yoga. If you'd like to participate in an upcoming group, we encourage you to check this section periodically. 

Tools to Support your Mental Health: In this section, we've made accessible audio and video recordings created by our clinicians to support you in your journey to wellness. 

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions: Thinking of getting mental health support can be a big step. It's possible that you'll find answers to your questions here.

COVID-19 - Resources for Your Basic Needs and Mental Health: The pandemic has taken a toll on various levels. If you need support with your basic needs (like food delivery) or with your mental health, please check out this section. 

E-Bulletin: If you'd like to stay informed of new offerings from our program, please send a message through the Portal Connexion to ask about subscribing to our e-bulletins.