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What does healthy eating mean?

Eating healthy can have a different definition for each of us. It is for this exact same reason that the nutrition information that is available these days can seem to constantly contradict each other. So how do you know if you are eating well based on your needs? Our dietitian is on hand to offer personalized nutritional advice for clinic patients. Its role is to help you improve and maintain a good state of health by promoting the acquisition of healthy eating habits that respect your lifestyle and your needs.


A personalized consultation with our registered dietitian will allow you to learn more about the specific diet for certain health conditions. She will offer you advice on nutrition aimed at gradual and lasting changes in your eating habits and behaviors.

For a consultation with our Registered Dietitian, ask your doctor for a referral.


The most frequent reasons for consultations are:

  • tips and education for healthy eating

  • weight issues

  • hypercholesterolemia

  • cardiovascular disease prevention

  • nutritional deficiencies

  • digestive problems 

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