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Preparation for a virtual visit

What should I know about a telephone consultation with my healthcare professional?

- Once the appointment is booked, the healthcare professional will contact you at the main telephone number for your medical file.
- The caller's number will be a blocked or hidden number at the time of the call.
- As in the clinic, it is possible that an appointment preceding yours will be longer or shorter than expected. To avoid scheduling conflicts, remain available 30 minutes before and 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment time.
- If the reason for the appointment is about a new problem, have the following information available for the professional:

  • How long have I had this discomfort?

  • How long is the episode?

  • Is it constant or intermittent?

  • Where is my discomfort located?

  • Is it related to a specific event?

  • How do you describe the pain? Its intensity?

  • Does it spread to other places? If yes, where? At what moment ?

  • Have you consulted before for this same problem?

- If possible, take your temperature and blood pressure before the visit, if relevant, depending on the reason for the consultation.
- For consultation requests related to dermatological problems, send the practitioner (if possible) photos via the secure portal OCEAN. These images will be added to your computerized medical record.  

Here is a detailed guide provided by Telus to better prepare you for your virtual visit.

To access it, please click the pdf icon.

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