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Urgent consultation

Do you urgently need mental health support? Here are options.

For Adults

Counseling on connecte  : Counseling (up to 4 sessions, approximately) can often be obtained in 24-48 hours. Service offered by phone or video. 

AccèsSMT  : An Access Point for Mental Health and Addiction Services in Eastern Ontario

ConnexOntario   is an online and telephone referral service for mental health and addiction resources. 

Wellness Together Canada  - support in various forms offered free of charge to Canadians by the federal government

MindBeacon : A Free Computer-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Service

AbilitiTCCi  - Cognitive-behavioral therapy offered free of charge to Ontarians

Get back on track  - telephone support or free videos on cognitive behavioral therapy

- Substance Abuse:  Breaking Free from Substance Use

- If your employer offers an Employee and Family Assistance Program, you can call them day or night.
There is no charge for this service. Human Resources or your payroll department can provide you with their information.

- Community Resource Centers have intake counselors who offer counseling or practical help. You can come without an appointment. Find your Resource Center  here

For First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people 

Minwaashin Lodge : for women and children survivors of abuse, including residential schools

- Odawa Native Friendship Center:  click on this link   to consult their many programs

Tungasuvvingat Inuit : many programs for Inuit living in Ottawa

Wabano Center for Aboriginal Health - Mental Wellness Service : for children, youth, adults and families

Hope for Wellness Helpline  

Indian Residential School Survivors' Helpline : 1-866-925-4419      24/7

For Children and Teens

-1 Call 1 Click



-Youth Rising Above   (English only; for Ontario residents)


-My My Health List  - Services for Teens in Ottawa


-My My Health List  - Services for teens in Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry

For Post-Secondary Students

- Ontario post-secondary students have access to   Allo J'écoute

Counseling and Therapy at the University of Ottawa

- The Collegiate City -  La Boussole .

- UdO and St. Paul University students have access to  Counseling Service   and undergraduate students can consult_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Empower Me .

- UdO graduate students can consult through the  Student Support Program .

For free peer-to-peer text support:  The Color Project .

- For the  crisis lines.

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